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Mac Demarco — Another One Acoustic табулатура и аккорды

lo-fi indie seen live 5 Просмотров 277

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Most of the tabs were wrong as they simply went off of Macs  "Piano time" on youtube, where he quickly runs 
through the chords on his keyboard. People dont seem to realise that chords on the piano and guitar dont 
always appear to match exactly (I have a feeling the chords have almost exactly the same notes in or 
something/mac is using first inversions etc which makes it look like they are different chords) 

These are the basic chords if you want to play it on the guitar by yourself.

All the chords are either bar chords or standard shape, except for the B7/A# (see below), 

Please please please leave any suggestions you have, he often uses 6s and 7s which I havent really found
and there is some bass note work going on too
going on here too.

B     x24442
B7/A# x1434x
G#m   466444
F#    244322
Em    022000
A     002220
E     022100

B             B7/A#
Feelin' so confused
    G#m                 F#
You dont know what to do
 Em                              F#
Afraid she might not love you anymore
B                       B7/A#    G#m                 F# 
And though she says she does and hasn't lost your trust
Em                 F#
Who could there be knockin at her door

B         A           E         
 Must be another one
B         A                 E
 Must be another one she loves

B                 B7/A#
The feelin' never stops
    G#m                   F#
And neither does the clock
Em                     F#
Wishin' for tomorrow today
B                   B7/A#
She still says shes true
   G#m                F#
So you start comin' to
Em                                 F#
Just as that old knockin' comes to stay

B        A          E
Must be another one
B        A                E
Must be another one she loves

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